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Dictionary 3.5.0
You can store, browse, search, export/import a print the vocabulary.  Download now
Size: 507KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Interapple Inc.
Dictionary 3.5.0
Dictionary is a program intended for language learning.  Download now
Size: 507KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Farlex, Inc
Dictionary 3.0
Search a word in various dictionary sites. You may select a word on a page  Download now
Size: 13KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: adarshtp
Dictionary 1.1
This is a Dictionary plugin for Google Desktop 2.0.  Download now
Size: 77KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Google
Dictionary 101210
Every site needs a dictionary. . .  Download now
Size: 0KB     License: Commercial     Price: $7.95     By: Inc.
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translate dictionary

 In Short Description
WordPoint 3.17
WordPoint is a Point to translate PC dictionary in 18 Languages  Download now
Size: 55.77MB     License: Shareware     Price: $19.50     By: GalTech
Arabic Dictionary Plugin 1.0
This is a plugin for Mac OS X 10.5 dictionary translate from English to Arabic.  Download now
Size: 8.80MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Mohamed Milyani
To / From Amharic 0.7
translates the selection using the free online Amharic dictionary.  Download now
Size: 3KB     License: Others     Price: Free     By: abebaw
Online Dictionary
Online dictionary help you to translate words using free online dictionaries  Download now
Size: 956KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By:
WBabylon 1.1
A bidirectional translator dictionary which translates Japanese and English.  Download now
Size: 3.34MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Nikep Software Lab
DictionarySearch 10
dictionary Search provides a very easy way to lookup (or translate) a word  Download now
Size: 51KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: dictionarysearch
Ultralingua Esperanto-English Dictionary 7.1
This is a professional grade dictionary translate both Esperanto and English.  Download now
Size: 7.02MB     License: Shareware     Price: $29.95     By: Ultralingua, Inc.
Ultralingua French-Italian Translation D 7.1
This is a professional grade dictionary translate both French and Italian.  Download now
Size: 7.89MB     License: Shareware     Price: $34.95     By: Ultralingua, Inc.
IdiomaX English-Spanish Dictionary 6.0
English-Spanish dictionary translate words and phrases and conjugate verbs.  Download now
Size: 9.76MB     License: Shareware     Price: $49.95     By: IdiomaX LLC
Sib Dictionary for Linux 0.8
Sib is a dictionary for translate word from Engilish to Persian.  Download now
Size: 1.54MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Mola Pahnadayan
Livingsoft English <-> Korean for PalmOS 4.1.23
This dictionary translates both ways plus it yields English speech synthesis.  Download now
Size: 4.02MB     License: Shareware     Price: $49.95     By: LingvoSoft
Livingsoft Spanish-Korean for Palm OS 4.1.23
This dictionary translates both ways and provides immediate back translations  Download now
Size: 2.53MB     License: Shareware     Price: $49.95     By: LingvoSoft
IdiomaX Spanish-Italian Dictionary 5.00
Italian-Spanish dictionary translate words and phrases and conjugate verbs.  Download now
Size: 5.12MB     License: Shareware     Price: $49.95     By: IdiomaX LLC
Ling Toolbar 4.0
Allows to translate words using dictionary.  Download now
Size: 26KB     License: Others     Price: Free     By: pstrzalk
Epiri Professional 5.1
Epiri Professional dictionary, Internet, translate, Web translate.  Download now
Size: 8.00MB     License: Shareware     Price: $90.00     By: Horizon Software Co.
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